Thursday, March 4, 2010

the immature guy

never tht wud cm bak here. bt had to spill it smwhere therwise wud have eaten me up. hehehe..
after she left i tht that was end of it (blogging).
well actually i have tht 1 thing watsoever i write hwsoever crap it mite be . i ai'nt gonna delete it. bt let it be that way. btw wat was i here 4 ..

ok, yah i recall nw . a story abt a immature guy who still lives his life king size , smtimes kiddo , sm times uncle ;) n smtime ghonchu .. lolzzz

n rare times a man ..

but still dere r moments dat he goes thru n wishes dat would nt have happened. wishes to jump frm d cliff bt nvr has d guts to do dat . hands tied, limbs freezeed n tears refusing to come out (nt bcoz he doesnt want to cry bt they say it is a sign of imatuutrity) n he wishes to grw.

n why he wants this ...

job nah
mom dad nah
money nah
career nah
girl leaving nah
lonely nah

umm thn bcoz he has hurt smbdy whom he treats as a vry gud frnd. is that all..
actually hard to articulate wat i wish to say hw to say things. perhaps shud nt be writng this n that. bt promised 1 thing nt gng to delete a single feeling that i pen down .

smtimes i wont understand wat u say, wat u tell , would raise my hands n ask my doubts like a kid. just gimme a bit of time , bcoz ....
wont be writng more .. dont have the courage ..
just 1 last thing ... keep :)
breathe in breathe out
drink water
n smile :) just smile