Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just wish i cud manage

i didnt tell a lie ,
i didnt hid nethng
bt mistake happnd
as i m a human being .

u came vrytime n made me 4gt
wateever u did was right
i nvr gave a 2nd tht

i usually went speechless
i felt short of words,
only perhaps bcoz ur swweet words
made me feel out of the world
bt d way u smiled , u laughed
u took my breath away ....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dedicated to my all old friends

Its been a while now,
Since we properly spoke,
And i know life gets in the way,
But this is beyond a joke.

We live totally different lives now,
Things have changed a lot,
We promised to keep in touch,
But i guess we both forgot.

We used to be so close,
But change tore us apart,
We drifted apart quickly,
And its ripping at my heart.

I understand its harder now,
Our lives are pretty full on,
But i also know that i need you,
And it sucks we havent spoken in so long.

I miss knowing youre there for me,
And i miss being there for you,
Friendships die all the time,
But ours i know we should re-new.
Cause we didnt have a fight,
And neither of us moved away.
But i guess i want you to know,
That i really, really miss you,
And sometimes i find myself wondering,
If you miss me too.