Tuesday, September 1, 2009

keep in touch !!!

aaine mein kabhi dekho, aankho mein hume paoge
hath badha kar koshish karo, hume chu paoge
mujhse aap sath nibhane ki baat karte ho ,
tatol kar dekhoge zara meri sanso ko, to unme khud ko hi paoge ..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

they say n i say ...

They say
I've been living for 23 years
I've been living for 283 months
I've been living for 1,230 weeks
I've been living for 8,612 days
I've been living for 206,699 hours
I've been living for 12,401,999 minutes
I've been living for 744,119,989 seconds
I've breathed more than 117,916,761 times!
I've blinked my eyes more than 124,991,761 times!
My heart has beaten more than 868,139,930 times

I say
mera dil sirf 1 bar dhadk jab usne meri taraf dekha ...
i dint blink wen she came in frnt of me
my breath stopped wen she talkd to me
i lived nly those seconds wen i tht abt her
i was alive nly those min wen she smiled 2wards me
i count nly dat hr wen she sat by me ..
my life nly dat 1 day wen we went out ...
nly those weeks wen she ran in my mind
n ....
bus aur kuch ni ...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

wish to hear u ...

Align LeftAfter a long time , u came back
1stly my heart beat rose and then , my heart sank

i thought i would hear your voice
and that would give me a reason to rejoice
gap of these 1 month 24 days
hurt me daily in 1024 ways

but wen u came today i felt some rays
rays of hope, rays of life
wish i knew nly 4 a few moments they wud survive...

never wud i regret that couldnt see or hear u,
bcoz i ll recall the moments wenever i was near u .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just wish i cud manage

i didnt tell a lie ,
i didnt hid nethng
bt mistake happnd
as i m a human being .

u came vrytime n made me 4gt
wateever u did was right
i nvr gave a 2nd tht

i usually went speechless
i felt short of words,
only perhaps bcoz ur swweet words
made me feel out of the world
bt d way u smiled , u laughed
u took my breath away ....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dedicated to my all old friends

Its been a while now,
Since we properly spoke,
And i know life gets in the way,
But this is beyond a joke.

We live totally different lives now,
Things have changed a lot,
We promised to keep in touch,
But i guess we both forgot.

We used to be so close,
But change tore us apart,
We drifted apart quickly,
And its ripping at my heart.

I understand its harder now,
Our lives are pretty full on,
But i also know that i need you,
And it sucks we havent spoken in so long.

I miss knowing youre there for me,
And i miss being there for you,
Friendships die all the time,
But ours i know we should re-new.
Cause we didnt have a fight,
And neither of us moved away.
But i guess i want you to know,
That i really, really miss you,
And sometimes i find myself wondering,
If you miss me too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

wo mili

kabhi kabhi aise hi mil jaya kijiye,
kahin bhi kaise bhi dikh jaya kijiye.

aapki khushi meri zindagi hai
mera jeevan hai ..
jine k liye aapse zyada nahi mangte ,
dil nahi de sakti to bus 1 bar muskura hi dijiye.
kabhi kabhi aise hi mil liya kijiye

mera dil kehta hai,
aap dil ki bahut achhi hai ;
mera dil kehta hai,
aap dil ki bahut achhi hai ;
buss mujh par ye ehsan kiya kijiye....
kabhi kabhi aise hi mil liya kijiye.

ek aapki hi chahat hai,
ek aapka hi nam hai ,
chahe kabhi is dil ki sargam ched lijiye
kuch zyada to nahi chaha bus yun hi
kabhi kabhi aise hi mil liya kijiye...

tarsata hun aapke dil mein thodi si jagah k liye,
thoda sa rakhne ki koshish to kijiye,
kabhi kabhi aise hi mil jaya kijiye. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

no more bunking

bahut chahat hai in chote lamho ko bada banane ki ,
har pal ko teri mohabbat se sajane ki ,
tu bus 1 bar keh dena ki ttujhe bhi mujhse ishq hai
bus itni hi zzarurat is deewane ki ...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sach mera

kuch ashq hai , kuch ashqon ki kahani hai .
jo aankhen kahi rukti na thi , wo aaj unki deewani hai .

har pal inhe us sanam ka didar chahiye ,
wo na mile to 1 botal aur 1 cigratte udhar chahiye.....

aur bolo sach

i told her the truth trying to be nice
i made my confessiion n i paid the price
bt i shall nt care n i will rise ....
i will grow strong n i shalll be wise ....
tellling lots of lie so that i listen no more hues and cries ....
i lost her smile,i lost her laugh ..
i feel srry dear plz kar do mujhe maaf.
i didnt deserve ur frndshp bcoz u r so good .
i dont deserve it bcoz i was rude .
rude nly bcoz i told u the truth ...